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    Blow Smoke-- Vann

    blow smoke
    blow smoke

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    Blow Smoke-- Vann Empty Blow Smoke-- Vann

    Post  blow smoke on Wed Jun 24, 2009 4:42 am

    Hey my name is Vann and I am 19 years old from Mississippi. Yes, we have internet! Shocking I know. I am in college and have a full time job. I love to travel and leave town as often as I can. I have been to 13 Countries and 44 out of the 50 States.

    My runescape career ranged from 2001 until present on the character Dwarven9177. Only 99 achieved is crafting, but only because I suck at keeping goals!

    My 2speced career has been since May and I have 3 characters: Dwarven9177 (Main), Vann (zerker/scout/wanted name so noone else could have) and my pure who you will get to know, Blow Smoke

    Blow Smoke is your standard level 83 pure (only 82 mage though)

    In game you can call me Blow, Dwarve, or Vann (prefer Vann) and feel free to add Dwarven9177 as I will be on him skilling/monster hunting/ slaying when not pking on Blow.

    Can't wait to get to know everyone that I haven't already met and lets own the wild!



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