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Welcome to Nfns Clan site.

    Welcome to No Fear Never Surrender


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    Welcome to No Fear Never Surrender Empty Welcome to No Fear Never Surrender

    Post  Brian on Thu Jun 18, 2009 9:31 am

    w4z g3wd Nfns Smile this is Sit Pl0x v2.

    We finally got a clan site =] its l00kin pretty nais Surprised....

    If you have any suggestions for this site please! let me know

    If you got any questions you can either contact me on 2speced, or This site.

    2 speced names: Sit Pl0x v2, Sit Pl0x.

    If you cant get in touch with me, you can contact our leader D D S K0 Ftw.

    Just so everyone knows really quick who the leaders are:

    Sit Pl0x v2 - Founder.
    D D S K0 Ftw - Leader.
    Ownd By Nfns - Co-Leader.

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